March 22, 2009

Things to do...

What would you do at times when you get to hear words like unemployment, recession, downsizing, frustration, disappointment almost everywhere you go? How would you keep yourself motivated, focused and on track filtering these distractions from your daily routine thinking whether it is time to change or to continue the same way? 

One of the ways to balance it is to have a look at the 'things to do' or our wish list which many of us keep making note of thinking we shall get back to it whenever we have free time. That time is here now - so let’s have a look at that list of pending items requiring your attention starting from prioritizing the top 10 things want to do. Putting off what might keep you motivated will make you grim if you don't get to it soon enough. 

As for me, I am catching up on my photography lessons ~ something I have wanted to do since a very long time. Finally, one of the long awaited items on my list of things to do is coming true!


  1. Hey.... really nice blog. We do need to manage our life as usually people are not aware of the importance of things to do. I would definitely look for 'Things to do' specially in my office as that is the most important place I feel for this....

    I will list my 10 important things in my next posting. Can anyone list 10 'things to do' so that we can benefit each other.

  2. i am all for the idea, what would be other items of your list??

  3. Asslam-O-Alikum! I agree with you, we should concentrate on to-do list rather then distraction elements.

    Although, I know this is very hard to-do but it is the right way of life to move forward.