March 29, 2009

Recipe of Life

The best recipes in life are those which we create ourselves – I was told once. I read somewhere ‘Life would be much easier if I had the source code’ – interesting concept. How true is it? Would we have a better control over our lives if we had the power to change it as and when required? As much as I want to believe otherwise thinking about notions like fate, destiny and providence, where all these notions stands correct to a certain extent, I also believe we always have the other option i.e. to make a difference, to live the way we want.

Unable in achieving an objective at one given point in time or the other is not necessarily failure but not the right time for it to happen – that is providence helping us off and on, guiding us through different perils with or without our knowledge. There is no recipe for a successful life – it is a combination of our experiences and observations, what we learn through our mistakes and last but not the least the strength of positive thinking and never giving up! Imagine your life as a big canvas ready to be painted - so paint it beautiful – paint it well, full of bright colors. The recipe can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be – it’s just the way you look at it!