May 11, 2009

Help IDP from Swat, Dir and Buner

A Situation that demands attention. There is a massive exodus of people being evacuated from Swat, Buner and Dir due to the Army Operation against militants that have established themselves in these areas. I don't think this is the time to argue about our opinions on the Army operation, its time we step up and help our fellow countrymen, its estimated that 150K-200K people have already been displaced and another 300K expected to arrive to safer areas. Here are a few links that might be helpful if you are looking to do your part:


Helping Hands

Salvation Army

Here is a list I got from chowrangi blog

Al-Khidmat Foundation 

Edhi Foundation 

SUNGI: Who to contact [link], where to donate [link]. 

Islamic Relief USA

Oxfam - GB 

Plan International 

International Medical Corps 

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) 

Church World Service 

Emergency Response Unit

Life Savers Organization

If anyone has any organization or any other way in mind to help please let me know. 

Saba Malik


  1. You can find a compiled list of contacts/organizations at

  2. is providing round the clock updates of the IDP situation and is the single best resource on the subject

  3. It's a good struggle faraha, Life Savers team is working on Donatations, Registration and Shelters. If you want to get connected with us and want to Help
    Sign Up to our website

  4. is the correct name of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) website

  5. i want to say that we IDP's need nothing we need only peace and to return our home as soon as posible

  6. I am in touch with an organization Vision21 based out of Rawalpindi , we're fund raising in Canada and I would like to go a personally disberse the money, food or equipment. I need suggestions, please send those to:

    Salman. Canada

  7. i belong to swat and i m one of the affectes of recent conflict i request to all of u pls help me on this regards by donating an any form; my cell number is +92339070194; my email is ( looking farward to every one