May 5, 2009

Idea Box!

Survival of the fittest – how true is it in times of global recession? How do we interpret words like ‘survival’ and ‘fittest’ with less opportunities and volatility growing by the day – may be it is time to change our perspective and revisit our business practices. Even in times of recession where nothing seems to be working one can create opportunities by thinking out of the box. Instead of feeling useless and wasting time by not being able to keep up with your current line of business utilize that time to try something new, something different which has not crossed your busy mind until today.

I would request all the readers of this post to leave at least one idea which in their opinion would work in today’s global recession. Let me start by giving one idea of my own:

 - Try concentrating on small wins instead of scoring BIG!

Waiting for your ideas now...


  1. Farah, I believe that recession means failure of something or bad calculation for/in business... This world has so many opportunity to do business but few things always matter while take startup,
    1) Trust worthy and compatible partner.
    2) Resources for investment.

    My idea for those have both above problems,
    Find Small ways to earn money for Bigger Goal, In the mean while Starter should find someone compatible and technical strong person for Bigger goal, Create your motive for Bigger goal and start moving toward success step by step...

    (Don't forget to pray)

  2. Recession may freeze hiring but does not change the rules.

    An entrepreneur considers every problem an opportunity... so look around for problems :)

  3. In our current fragile economy, I've witness so many workers losing their jobs. Ideas and money are entangled in your success. The easy way to render your skills on a global level is to share information and experience. Realized your knowledge and skills are a valuable commodity that will take others years to learn by selling your knowledge you will be helping many.

  4. There are always new opportunities - we just need to stay optimistic; find them and strike with full strength.